Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Its Friday afternoon the sun is right over my head I’m sweating like a pig and my house just seems to get farther and farther the more I walk, I’m walking home from school, usually my older brother comes to walk me but not today. I figured he forgot or he was busy playing soccer, because that’s all he did, in fact the only memories I have of him are him playing soccer or walking with a soccer ball. My school is just three miles outside the village. as I am walking in the scorching sun I sense the presents that I am being followed, I look around, there is no one there, I shout Out " is any one there?" no answer. I shout again "is anyone there" still no answer, but then I hear laughter coming from the tall bushy grass on my right hand side, I walk over to look. All of the sudden a huge hyena jumps out at me.
I AM TERRIFIED. my first instinct was to sprint and try my luck to see how far I get, the hyena is chasing after me like a dog chasing a bone, and I am running for my life, my older brother jumps out of nowhere with a stick long stick in his hand and he whacks the hyena in the head. the hyena stumbles and runs back to the bushes, I’m still running, too terrified to stop or to even check if my brother got attacked, I get home and I run straight to my room and I am crying like a little baby, my mother comes in and asks" what wrong with you ?"
"Mom I almost got attacked by a hyena on my way home" I replied
And where is your brother" she asked.
I replied breathless, mumbling at a high speed
"I was running from the beast, and he came and chased the hyena away" I said.

I sense a little anger in my mom’s tone after I had told her that I was walking home alone, but she didn’t want to punish me seeing as how I just had a life changing experience. She says in a caring but strict tone.
“Don’t you walk home alone anymore, Wait for your brother next time"
When my brother came home that day he told my mom to withdraw me from the school and to enroll me into a school that was closer to the village that way I wouldn’t be in danger. Until today I can never forget that hyena's laughter.

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Laura Toribio said...


Your story was really good.That definetly had to be a life changing experience. I can't imagine that happening to me, I would have no idea what to do in that situation. I would probably be the person that got owned by the hyena. I did get chased by dogs in Panama, but thats nothing compared to a hyena. It's a good thing that your brother was there to help you because who knows what would of happened.