Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snapshot One: My Name

Hassan or Hasan is a masculine Arabic given name. The
Name Hassan in Arabic means “handsome,” “strong,” “manly”, “good,” or “benefactor.” As a surname Hassan may be Irish, Arabic or Hebrew.
In Hebrew it means “cantor,” or “good cantor,” derived from the Arabic “good,” and the Hebrew “cantor.” Hassan is normally an Arabic first or last name, but in Jewish Sephardic tradition, it’s a Jewish surname. I got my name from my great grandfather who was a great Tribal chief. My nicknames are Abdullah which means a “servant of God,” Said which means the “lucky one and Yusuf which means “God increases in piety, power and influence.” My eyes were as red as a blood. My hands are as big as an Elephant. One direct metaphor would be Hassan the giant Panda. Yes. Something like an Elephant will do.

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