Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snapshot 4...Four Skinny Trees

Four Skinny Trees is the story that stuck out most for me. She is relating herself with these trees saying she understands them and they
understand her. She says they do not belong, the Gov. had placed them there just as herself she thinks she does not belong there and to
be honest no one does. As she tells the trees story she talks about their secret strength, how they send roots plummeting into the earth
and grow up towards the sky. I think she is relating this to herself as a sort of comfort. She might be saying as long as we keep a strong foundation and not let the world bring us down we can continue to grow, and learn and prosper in life. Also on the other hand if we do not hold a strong foundation we will be ripped up from the ground and tossed about in a viscous cycle until we can reclaim our strength. She goes on to say when she is too skinny and too sad she looks at the trees for strength for they have overcome the concrete and in life that can be translated into getting into trouble ion school or feeling down because of hurtful things from other people. The reason I feel that this is a good influence in Esperanza’s life is because it shows she has found the key to survival in this chaotic world we live in she has broken it down into four simple little trees.


Joel Caserta said...

Rather insightful, I think you deffinately hit the nail on the head with this one.

Dan Malorni said...

touche doug, touche