Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hi i am Justin

Hey my name is Justin. I went to Olentangy high school. I played football, basketball, and baseball. I am majoring in Athletic Training and hope to eventually go into physical therapy.


Laura Toribio said...

Hey Justin!

It's pretty cool that you want to go into athletic training and then physical therapy. I was going to go into physical therapy too but i changed my mind and now i'm undecided. I, of course, don't play any of the sports you do but I do like watching them.

Good luck in your major,

Laura Toribio

Justin Gingery said...

you should go in to phyiscal therapy. Its a good career. I like watching and playing the sports i did

Lul said...

thats kool justin, i think you will do great in that field

Ravina said...

Hi Justin,
Nice to meet you!
Good Luck.

Justin Gingery said...

Thanks and nice to meet you too