Tuesday, October 12, 2010

snapshot one

My name is ikran. Originally my name is Arabic. The meaning of my name is honor and respect. It’s a unique name since a lot of people don’t name their children that anymore. My mother gave me this name because my older sister’s name was Ilhaan. I was the next born child so my mother wanted names that sounded similar. My mom liked to name her kids close names like Ilhaan, Ikran, abdikhafar, Abdinajib,Sondos and Somayo.My grandmother did the same so its generation to generation. Some people have an interest to call their children close names and when u calls them that, it’s also sounds attractive. My grandmother wanted an easy way to distinguish the difference between her four sets of twins. She thought a simple way to remember them was to name them names that sounded alike. That was the way my name came to be and I’d like to the same tradition as my family .In future I will give identical names for my kids. I would give them similar names so it will be easy to call them and it’s also gorgeous. I really liked to follow the path of my mother and grandmother.


Kara said...

hi ikran
your name is very cool
nice to meek you ^_^

malakmiari said...

Awesome I guess lots of Arab people do that because that is what my great grandmother did.
She named Hasan and Hasna, Jamal and Jamila, Ali and Aalliyah, Badir and Badriyah, Fathi and Fathiyah. But she had many children so she wasn't as creative anymore :)