Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bad Day

When we take a look at the common situations between the two books there are a number of similarities that come to mind. In both Ordinary Resurrections and The House on Mango Street, the main setting takes place in poverty stricken areas with extra everyday struggles. Another common idea between these two books is that they both of consist of minorities predominantly of Hispanics and African-Americans. When it comes to influencing these children to shape who they are and the roles they play in society relies mostly on the adults that they encounter growing up. If all the children know is working for minimum wage and barely making it, then many times the children will grow up and learn to expect that and be comfortable with that. One significant positive factor that comes into Esperanza’s life is her aunt Guadalupe. Guadalupe always welcomes Esperanza and her friends to come over to visit and tell stories. Not because she had to due to her illness that left her bed stricken, but she enjoyed the company and liked spending time with the children. Guadalupe encouraged Esperanza to write and to read them to her. For example, Guadalupe says “You just remember to keep writing Esperanza. You must keep writing. It will keep you free.” This greatly affected Esperanza positively as it was letting her creativity gears turn, as well as a subtle suggestion to keep her mind off the negative that she is surrounded by in her neighborhood.

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Doug said...

i like it alot the quote from Guadalupe is an escential part to this entire journal it is amazing that her aunt would give advise like this. it shows she really cares and sees that Esperanza has the ability to do great things in her writing it is good.