Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SnapShot 2-Emily Jacobs

Adventurous Tours
When I was in seventh grade I went on my very first cruise. My sister and I were so excited to see what life was like outside of the country. One of the many places we went to was Costa Rica. When getting off at a port, many people want to have their plans set for the adventure that they’re about to take part of. But no, not my family we like to figure things out when the time comes. Once we get off the ship, we see tons of unreliable looking tour guides standing behind a fence asking each and every person that walks buy if they would like to be shown around the country. Of course we decided to go on one of these adventurous scenery tours. All seven of my family members (including my 60 year old grandparents) got into the taxi van. We stopped at this place that looked like a random back yard with a three toed sloth and a very cute baby monkey. That was one of the benefits of going on this tour was seeing all the wildlife in person and actually getting to hold things. “Awe I want to hold the monkey,” says my sister who never shares anything. “No I want to hold it. Gross it just peed on me,” whined my older brother. Then some random lady with an accent said that getting peed on by a monkey was good luck. That was about the time I was done with the monkey I didn’t want it peeing on me too! As we were finishing up our tour my grandma said she had to use the bathroom really bad and couldn’t wait to get back on the ship. So our tour guide took us back to his house which didn’t look like the safest place in the country. It had bars on the windows, chickens and stray dogs running on the street. And as we waited for my grandma, our tour guide was talking to my brother and wanted him to marry his daughter so she could be legal in the United States. My brother didn’t take him seriously but our guide looked to be completely serious! Once we finally got back to the side shops by the ship there was this random man that said, hey do you guys want to see a full grown three toed sloth over here in the tree? I was so excited to see more animals that I didn’t remember my stranger danger training in elementary. So my parents came walking very fast and told the man no thanks. Overall, my tour of Costa Rica wasn’t like normal ones but it made a lasting impression and funny stories to tell in the future.


Laura Toribio said...

Hey Emily!

I really liked your story. I used to live in Costa Rica, but I moved when I was like one.I thought it was really funny how your tour guide was serious about your brother marrying his daughter. I have also have heard that a monkey peeing on you is good luck too. I really don't know why it would be though. Well, I'm glad you had fun on your trip.

Laura Toribio

Dan Malorni said...

hey emily, that sounded like a fun vacation that you will probably never forget. At least you were one of the lucky one who didnt get peed on haha