Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my name

Safia muse
Class 109.1
Assignment name Chapter one

My name
My name means is Arabic name from original. But, have a different means .When we use language of the Arabic is mean a haven name. And also my language is mean someone a who have get a rich like get more money and billion ere. So, My Mather reason gave me that name is a before I was not born. My Mather is a poor family. So, since I was born my family became richest family.
My Mather brought own houses and expensive car and became business person. That is why my Mather gave me a name. However, that name is like a luck name. So, my name is luck name. And also I like to call me that name. It is like for two reasons. First one is a haven name because of so, important for everybody haven when I died? I like go to haven and it is a so, beautiful name. I love my name, and I like to look a like my name, And I like to act my name, And also like to treat my name. I feel like to happy name to when hear my name. If I see someone have that name. I feel like to be friend his or her. That name is just so, wonder name.
I want to give my daughter her daughter in the future. If I can give my daughter. I can give my daughter before pick her name. But, I can not gave her because my language you can not use your name your daughter. It means that name is my property for me. And it is describe for me. What i, m and what I act pacific my personal. Although my name is a nice name. but, The problem is nobody call me excepted my Mather because of is my nick name.
The way I like that name is my religion name. And also why I way said? That name is I like to act. The person who act like that name mean is a not make mistake for my religion his or her. So, that a person my religion allow go to the haven. I believe that because my religion said that.
That mean is for my religion, The way I like to doing every thing to my name is mean a person who believe my Allah and worship Allah act mean that name. And also I like to treat always my religion; Because it is so, important for muslin. However, it is the Muslim so, important to doing thing ours religion because of Muslim for lives or died to ours religion is important to us.


Kara said...

that't cool for your name's meaning.

malakmiari said...

You know alot of information on your names origin, that's really cool :)
My grandma says that everyone grows to match their name.