Thursday, October 21, 2010

Edna's Ruthie

I like the chapter Edna's Ruthie, and i thought it had a positive influence. It was positive because the children, especially Esperanza, likes Ruthie. They love to go shopping with her even though she doesn't go in the stores. Also, Esperanza likes to show Ruthie the books out of the library all the time. Also, Esperanza memorized a book so Ruthie would hear her. This chapter is very positive on the children's lives because it makes them happy hanging and doing fun things with Ruthie. There is one bad thing from that chapter and its Edna. She owns the building and is always screaming at people, and someone always has to move away every week, which is not a good influence on there lives. The only reason Ruthie is still living there is because she is Edna's daughter. If Edna kicked out her, Esperanza would be very upset, she would go from being happy to being upset.


Doug said...

yeah man thats 100% true she would be devastated if she got kicked out. and not only is it good that ruthie takes them shopping it shows the Esperanza is very intrested in books even this is a great discription man good job. =)

Emily said...

I also liked this chapter! Esperanza would hate it if Edna kicked out her own daughter and it would be very negative on her.