Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snapshot 2

The Day That Went Bad
In seventh grade, I was on the Olentangy basketball team. There is one game that entire year that I remember or at least I remember parts of it. That game something big happened and it was very scary. That’s night we were going to face Delaware Hayes which is one of our county rivalries. The game was at Delaware Hayes, which was not a far bus ride from our school. I was a little nervous for the game, I have had a history of getting dizzy during basketball games and I didn’t eat all day because I was attending a funeral.
We were arriving to the game and Kris Smith, one of my best friends, said to me “you ready for this game.” I then said “yeah I am pumped but am nervous.” After I said that he didn’t even ask why so I didn’t mention the reason why I was nervous to him.
We were out on the floor warming up and I was feeling good about this game. I was shooting the ball well and playing well. After warm-ups the game started, I was playing well but then all of a sudden I started now feeling well. After the first quarter ended, I drank a lot of water to keep me hydrated. Then at the start of the second quarter, all of a sudden, something unexpectedly happened.
I got a steal and went for a layup, and my legs were wobbley like jello and then I fell over. I got back up, then ran to center court, then fell over again, and got back up and fell straight back over. I look up and see my mom running straight down from the bleachers. After that situation I don’t remember anything until I was lying down in the training room. I then said “can I go back and play,” “No” said my mom who was sitting right next to me. I then was just sitting there drinking water the rest of the time. I then got the okay from the training and went home after that scary moment.

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