Thursday, October 21, 2010

Journal 4

The House on Mango Street
One story that I really enjoyed reading in the book by Sandra Cisneros is “My Name.” This story talks about how Esperanza got her name and from whom. She starts the story by describing her name meaning in English, Spanish and compares her name to number nine. One thing that I found really interesting in this story was how she describes her Chinese culture. The thing I learned from this book was that in Chinese and Mexican cultures women are not allowed to be strong; which I thought was not right.
Later on, Esperanza tells the readers that her name came from her great-grandmother. One quote that really stood out in this story is “I have inherited her name, but I don’t want to inherit her place by the window.” This quote takes place in the story when Esperanza tells readers the story about her grandmother’s story. Her great-grandmother was forced to marry her husband and because if that she sat by the window looking out.

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Kara said...

I like this story too.
Esperanza's name has a lot of meaning.