Tuesday, October 12, 2010

snapshot 1

My Name

My name is Lul originally is from Somalia; in English my name means diamond in beautiful in my family I am the only girl that named Lul.
The story that my grandmother named is because I was a little a cut girl and my Mather need a baby girl, the reason that my parents named me Lul because my Mather was so excited about me, But my father named me nimo when I was two years half of my family used called my nimo because that’s the name my father named. But my Mather and my grandmother used call me lul, when I was ten tears old my neighborhood used call me nimo and I love it. Because nimo is a great name but now everyone call me Lul because that’s the name my grandmother called.
My father calls me nimo until now and I love better and the reason is because nimo is a beautiful but all the people and my friends call me Lul but some of them call me nimo.
But I love my name Lul because its member for my grandmother and I love it so much I fell so comfortable for that name which’s Lul and I love nimo too because my father named me nimo.


Jamal said...

diamond huh, thats kool

Kara said...

nimo like a japaness name