Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What we learn in school

What we learn in School
- Batulo & Safia
We learned the difference between high school and collage
We learned in school that education is very important
We learned how to solve our problems in life
We learned that on time is very important in collage
In school, we learned that we are responsible for ourselves
In school, we learned we should help our society
In school, we learned to form study groups
In school, we learned help one another

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Emily, Laura, Malak

What We Learned in School

We learned responsibility
When our hamster died
And then we learned to feed it

We learned that grades matter
But A moldy sandwich in your locker doesn’t count
For a grade

We learned about college
But we didn’t learn why
We Learned to give back
By volunteering

Lul Aden & Ikran sulieman

Lul Aden& Ikran Suleiman
My poem about how learn in my High school
In my environmental class
We had learn more in the class
We used go out and wrote

The observation things that’s we sow
For what I had learned in high school
In my math class was very hard
I remember we had to do a lot of work
That teacher was very serous
And everyone of us improve themselves

In my first year in my high school
I learned American holidays
In my second year of my high school
I learned the names of the grades like nine grades are freshman
Ten grades are sophomore, eleven grades are juniors twelve grades are seniors
In my juniors year I focus Ohio Graduation Test,
My last year of the school I focus my graduation dress.

Kunal and Justin What They Learn in School

What we learned in School
In the schools, they want you to learn and pay attention,
But all we learned was how to make and shoot spit balls,
They wanted us to eat healthy at school,
But when lunch came around there was no healthy food,

They wanted us to have fun in school,
But how could we if we couldn’t talk in class?
They wanted us to study hard,
But that didn’t happen because they invented a TV.

When Doug and Dan are given the oppertunity to write a poem.

What We learned in school.
What we learned in school is something you don’t learn in classrooms.
Like don’t eat the meatloaf on Mondays.
Or that the hotdogs make excellent bouncy balls on Tuesdays.
Wednesdays Mr. Steve always seems happy and no one knows why.
Thursdays are doughnut days.
And Fridays for some reason everyone is sick.
Don’t ask me why.
And that following week is even better.
Next Monday Mrs. Bertha brings in a pet duck.
And Tuesday the guinea pigs had babies.
I still don’t understand how that works.
On Wednesdays Mrs. Bertha is always mad.
My mom says it’s the red troll.
I hate scary monsters underneath my bed.
On Thursday I will graduate middle school.
Friday I turn 24.

From Ravina & Kara

What We Learned in School

In health class, we learned about not to take drugs and alcohol so we can have a healthy life.
In English class, we discussed about grammar so we can be better in writing as well as communicating.
In History class, we learned about past history of our country and the world so we can be more careful in future when we have war.
In Math class, the teacher helped us solve equations so we can be capable of solving real life problems.
In accounting class, we can use the budget information provided to us to figure out how much we earn and how much we spend.
In speech class, we are taught to get in front of the whole class and talk so that we can put ourselves out in front of everyone without any hesitation.
In Physical Education class, we learned about sports so when we get bored; we have something fun to do.
Also, Health showed us the healthy choice that is good for us. Exercising; that can be done by playing sports and which will keep us strong.