Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When Doug and Dan are given the oppertunity to write a poem.

What We learned in school.
What we learned in school is something you don’t learn in classrooms.
Like don’t eat the meatloaf on Mondays.
Or that the hotdogs make excellent bouncy balls on Tuesdays.
Wednesdays Mr. Steve always seems happy and no one knows why.
Thursdays are doughnut days.
And Fridays for some reason everyone is sick.
Don’t ask me why.
And that following week is even better.
Next Monday Mrs. Bertha brings in a pet duck.
And Tuesday the guinea pigs had babies.
I still don’t understand how that works.
On Wednesdays Mrs. Bertha is always mad.
My mom says it’s the red troll.
I hate scary monsters underneath my bed.
On Thursday I will graduate middle school.
Friday I turn 24.

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