Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Safia muse
English 109
Mr. mike.
Woman at the wall.And the poem is she prays. That tonight while she is sleeping God will put all the names into Jar. And pull the one name out, that in the morning when she awakens she will find the name. Sleeping again into bed, that she won’t know any different. This poem I’m so interesting because her language easies to understanding how she wrote. Her poem talks about what she wants to wish to see at night. However, I like so much this poem because a pray it is important things people doing who has religious. She prays night so that show to me. She is religious.
I believe who pray at midnight God give what they want every things because my religious said that. And also everybody who has religious knows that. Religious it is important things treatment. I learn to pray midnight, warship God that was good thing because I know God has a powerful can give me the thing I need.

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