Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day

As I write this, I ask you to each individually to think what Veterans Day means you. For me personally means a day of thanks and memory to those who sacrificed themselves so we can safely have a November 11. 2010. Please out of respect reflect on the names of the link posted, there are 45 pages of names of veterans who have sacrificed themselves in Afghanistan and 95 pages of names of veterans from Iraq. These men and women are the reason why we can do what we can today. Many people knew that Lindsay Lohan went to jail in July of 2010, but did you know that 65 Americans lost their lives that month in just Afghanistan. Dont forget to click on the Afghanistan tab)

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mikelohre said...

dan: thank you for posting this and i'm going to print it for the class on tuesday and ask them to go there. putting a name and date to a loss is a way to make it real, as often we confuse celebrity drama and conflict with REAL conflict and loss. like Kozol wrote in the book, we need to develop a "sense of scale" about our concerns and sort out the wheat from the chaff.

i thought about you and many other veterans who i have taught, and the many veterans in my own family. i went to a cemetary near nelsonville and was glad to see the flags of tribute and the visitors there paying respect to those soldiers who have made an ultimate sacrifice for his/her country.

thank you Dan!