Friday, November 5, 2010

Oprah Winfrey

Safia muse
Journal Six
My favorite Show is a Oprah showing. Oprah show so famous because of she travel all the world. And also she meets everyday different peoples in the show. She help poor families all the countries. For example she go to Africa and saw the country have problem. They don’t have heath care and their younger children do not have school education. Oprah helps these young children. She made to schools and pay money to serve these children their education. Sometime she meets doctors because of she wants to their people ask some question the doctors. Sometime I get good ideas because of different people in the show and everybody tell what happened. Oprah like society. Sometime she meet children because of she want to know their situation.


Lul said...

hi sofia i agree with you and i like oprah too she is nice and helpful person

Laura Toribio said...


I really like the Oprah show too. I think its great that she helps other people. She remembers her past and she tries to help better other peoples lives. She is an amazing person.

ikran suleiman said...

hello safia i gree with that oprah do many things to help people from different countries in world she is really good helpful.