Monday, November 8, 2010


Tudou is the most popular website to upload the videos and watch different kinds of show. It is the same as YouTube. Sometimes I cannot find the show that I want to watch in YouTube but I can find in Tudou. I always use Tudou to watch movie, drama and Japanese Animation. Sometimes I will use Tudou to research the new songs. I can watch some Hong Kong drama in Tudou daily. My mother always says that Tudou is bad to me and I agree with that. It is because I will watch drama at home all the day and I don’t spend the time to do my homework. Now I am control the time to use Tudou to watch drama and Japanese Animation. I know that education is more important than Tudou.


Ravina said...

nice journal. i enjoyed reading it.

Batulo said...

i like your journal and it was fun to read