Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Woman at the Wall

My mother always makes me say a prayer before going to bed its a cultural thing really. She was told while growing up, that God takes your soul every night and if you were good while you were awake, and said your prayer that he would return it to you in the morning. So when I read the poem "Women at the Wall" I thouhgt of my mother and how she worried everynight she she might not find us there in the morning.

Woman at the Wall
This is what she does:
she places her arm
behind the neck of the name
or around the name's shoulder,
she kisses the name on its forehead,
that way mothers do.
She prays
that tonight while she is sleeping
God will put all the names into a jar
and pull the one name out,
that in the morning when she awakens
she will find the name
sleeping again in its bed,
that she won't know any difference.


Laura Toribio said...


I really liked this poem too. And I thought it was cool how it reminded you of your mom and what she told you growing up.

Ravina said...

Malak: I really like how you made a compared your mom to the poem. It was very fun reading it.

Lul said...

i like this poem too and its really coll poem and i like the languge of the poem