Thursday, November 4, 2010

Journal 6-Music

Something that has influenced my life is music. The things that influence me in music are the way that these people dress or what kind of cars these people have.
The thing that I enjoy the most in music is techno. I feel that techno calms my mind. When I turn on a techno song I feel that the beat makes my mind at ease. When I am feeling down or am very stressed I will listen to techno because it relaxes me. One of the techno artists that I listen to is Dj Tiesto. He is one of the most famos techno artists out there. I like him because I think that the beats he make are very intricate and very enjoyable. This is why I enjoy techno music.

1 comment:

Doug said...

dude trechno is the best relaxation music ever. i love rtechno as well specially when im gaming its awesome. if you like techno you should check out this genre called dubstep it is alot like techno but alot more fun