Sunday, November 7, 2010

Journal 6-YouTube

YouTube is a website where users can upload, share and watch videos. YouTube is one of the top websites I use daily. I watch songs, movies and TV shows there and also when I want to know more about technologies and other good stuff I go to YouTube. I can say that YouTube has both positive and negative impact on my life. Whenever I am sad, I go to YouTube to watch songs and/or my favorite TV shows. Music is a great influence on me as well because I can listen to music when doing homework. However, in order to watch songs: YouTube is the only website I use. YouTube has negative impact on my life because when I go there I stay there till 1 hour or more which is very bad. It helps me cheer up but too much YouTube effects my education.


Kara said...

sometimes i would use YouTube to listen the new songs.

Joel Caserta said...

Oh what can I say about Youtube? Youtube changed the world of online content, before Youtube, it was scattered across the Internet in remote places where people would never see it. Now they can not find it all at one place instead of a hundred.

Lul said...

i watch youtube most of the time because if you search any thing that you want you can get there.