Friday, November 5, 2010

tyra banks

Tyra Banks is first African American model who became successful. because she makes many different things shows, actress ,singer she is also television personality she is grudge for American Next top model .she used be poor but now she prove her self and she became successful and she is famous every body know her almost. She made so many shows but my favorite show is next top model she the head she choose the best girl. Next Top Model girls go different places they take fun and it is good show I really like it because it is popular culture in America .In my life I have influence because I fell like I'm model girl. when I watch that show like the way she grudge model she look for so many things like the personality how beautify you are and so many others things and I fill I have all those things. To find out more about Tyra, you can visit

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Laura Toribio said...


I love Tyra Banks too and I love Americas Next Top Model. I have seen most of the seasons. I agree with you about her not only judging how good the girls do but their personality too.