Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rupert Grint in Pop Culture

Movies have played a large part in many peoples lives. Movies that start out as books are my favorite. Some films that I have really enjoyed watching are the Harry Potter movies. The fact that movies take so long to make, helps keep the buzz up about the films. I cannot even tell you how long I have spent waiting for the books to come out, reading the books, looking up actor news trying to find out what actors were playing which character, then actually watching the movies and putting up reviews. At one point I was so obsessed that I even had a mugglenet email account. (for those of you who dont know what Mugglenet is, it is the largest most up to date website for all things Harry Potter) When the movies started coming out in 2001 I was too young to really understand the difference between real life and film so I didnt pay much attention to the actors and actresess. Once I was old enough to realize that "Ron" wasn't really Ron, and that Harry was actually Dan, I started spending hours in front of the computer looking them up.
My favorite person from the movies is definitely Rupert. I love him!!
I have seen all the movies he has ever done and everytime he grows up some more I find him more fun and genuine. The films he has worked on other than Harry Potter are listed on IMDB. here the link

My favorite photo him is the one he did for a cover of Vanity Fair here is the photo and another is the picture when harry and ron are stuck in the flying car :)

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mikelohre said...

Great post, Malak and it's so funny you mention this guy as I also think he does such a great job in those movies and is so believable and easy to relate to!