Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snapshot Two: A Scene

Dead Meat

It was a hot, sunny day in Colon, Panama. It was Kathy, Sam, and me going on an adventure. My grandma has a huge backyard, so we decided it was time to explore. Her back yard was like a jungle, full of all kind of trees, plants, and animals. Coconut trees, cocoa trees, mango trees, and guava trees. Everything in beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes. We began our adventure early in the afternoon.
Let’s go to the pipa tree and get something to drink said Kathy. It was as hot as the Sahara desert and we were all dying of thirst. Kathy was the only one who knew how to climb trees so she went and got three pipas. We cut them and used some bamboo as a straw. Now that we were hydrated it was time to explore and see what was in store for us.
Our first order of business was to go to the creek. It was a small creek with only a few fishes, but we were determined to catch one. We came prepared with line and hooks and Kathy, Sam, and I went looking for sticks to attach them to. After about 10 minutes we found the perfect sticks. I’ll do it said Sam, but can you help me Kathy? Sam always wanted to be helpful. We were all ready to start fishing. We sat down and began. Ten minutes past by and Sam was the only one who caught a fish. We waited thirty more minutes and we left.
We ran across the creek and explored this abandoned, rusty, old car. To us it was the best thing ever. We pretended to be race car drivers. It was getting too hot so we ended up getting out of the car and headed over to the creek. We suddenly heard something loud. What is that? I said. We all looked back and we saw about eight dogs running towards us. We started running as fast as we could. We’re going to get chewed up in a million pieces I said. We ended up over the creek and to my grandma’s house. When we got there we told everyone what happened but no one believed us, I guess that story will only remain true to us to this day.


Justin Gingery said...

I have never been chased by dogs but i have been biten before. I cant imagine getting chased by dogs. I would just run as fast as i can. I bet you were scared.

Jamal said...

i'd rather run fromf one hyena instead of eight dogs. your story is full of detail,its very good. good thing those dogs didnt catch you.

Emily said...

I've been to Panama, My family and I went when i was in seventh grade. We took a tour of the locks and a bus ride tour of Colon.. That would be so scary to be chased by eight dogs.