Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joel Caserta- Snapshot two

The Hunt
"Remember. Outside the court and the field is out of bounds." Said the leader of the group of boys. Allen, everyone agreed to this statement and headed off to hide.

Games of Tag almost always started like this, of course, we didn't always listen.
"Come on," said I; "I have an idea."

And of course, a group of people snuck into the out of bounds area where we intended to hide. Well not so much in the way of hiding. More like moving around to keep from being found.

the first chance we had, we bolted out of the court, running down the street in an attempt to get as far away from the other team as possible. We rounded Fraley drive, and bolted down Moorgate, Towards the northward boundary of our neighbourhood. We were definitely cheating, but we didn't particularly care.

What if we get caught?
We won't.
But what if?
We won't! Not if we keep moving. We can stay on the outer edges for a long time before they even suspect we're cheating.

As one can expect, this round of cheating was a response to a former episode of cheating by the others. Where they had one of our teammates pass information to them during a water gun fight which would end in our loss.

We're gonna get caught.
No we're not! shut up!

We were much too smart for that, so we hid, as luck would have it. We were not found, after about an hour or so, We eventually snuck back in the game area, our opponents never knew of our cheating, and were simply convinced that we had the best hiding spot.

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