Thursday, October 21, 2010


In the story of The House on Mango Street, I read a story that have both positive and negative about the story. The story name is Marin who is older and knows a lot of things. She always tells Cisneros something that she does not know. Marin is one of good friends for Cisneros. She wants to get a nice job in downtown. The positive of this story is Cisneros can get something she does not know from other older friends. She also likes to be a friend with them.
There are some negative ways in this story. The story tells me that when some children get older, they want to have nice clothes and want to meet some rich people. Marin really wants to marry with someone take her to live in a big house. She wants to get out in Mango Street after she marries. Louie’s parents are going to send Marin back to her mother because they say that Marin get lots of trouble. It makes Marin wants to get out this Street soon.
At the end of this story, Marin dances under the streetlight by herself every night. She is waiting for a car to stop, someone to change her life. This story a little bit sad of The House on Mango Street.

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