Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snapshot One: My Name

My Name
Ravina Shah: a name came from India. In India there’s a custom that a sister names her brother’s kids. However, in my case my dad’s brother named me. Well, what I got to know from my parents is that I was given a different name at first. Riya! Which was from my Aunt, my brother’s sister, but I guess my uncle didn’t like that name so he decide to give me another name: Ravina Shah. Some of my close friends call me Riya because I just love that name very much.
In India, a born child gets their middle name from their dad. My middle name is Smitesh which is my dad’s name. After marriage, girl’s middle name changes to their husband’s first name. This is how it is for any girl born in India. India’s custom is unique.
My last name is Shah which is the same last name as my dad. The last name of a girl also changes if a girl gets married to a boy with a different last name. Boy’s last name as well as their middle name stays the same throughout their life.
My auntie usually calls me by Raveena Tandon. Raveena Tandon is an actress name in Hindi movies. Hindi is one of the languages in India. I enjoy hearing that name from my family. My family is like a huge castle.
Many teachers in my High School said to me that they love my name. “It is very sweet name, what a lovely name or you have got a great name.” I would hear from my teachers or my fellow classmates in High School. They always ask me if there is a meaning behind my name and my response would be No to each and everyone who asked. Only one cool thing about my name is that it similar to an actress’s name. Yes. Something like an actress will do.

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Joel Caserta said...

I found this to be pretty interesting, While there certainly are some differences between cultures, there are deffinately some similarites too. Indeed, this is a commentary on the world as a whole as well as a commentary on this bit of writing. :)