Thursday, October 21, 2010

Journal 4-Emily Jacobs

My favorite story in The House on Mango Street is Edna's Ruthie. When Esperanza was describing her, she made her sound like a little kid. But, she was really an adult who pretty much wants to be a little kid. I thought it was sad that she pretends her husband is out of town and sleeps on her moms couch. In my opinion That was an intersting story.
In the story My First Job, that had a lot of postive factors for Esperanza, because she had to learn how to match pictures with there correct negatives and to really know what it's like to earn your own money instead of using your parents. the negative factors that her first job gave her was lying about her age to get it. The biggest influences I see in her life are her surrounding neighbors. She is always watching them and seeing all the new things they have leanred and eventually Esperanza is going to start a habit of what her neighbors are doing just by watching them so much.


Dan Malorni said...

Very good points brought up emily, well done

Laura Toribio said...


I agree with you. I really did not know she was an adult I thought she was like 8 or something. I also think that earning her own money is a positive. I think its making her more mature and its also helping her family as well.