Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello everybody - Joel Caserta

Hallo! My naam is Joel!

That's actually not a typo, but intentional. I'm currently in the process of learning Afrikaans. Which is one of the 11 languages spoken in South Africa, Afrikaans is essentially Dutch, with the influence of English, and a number of other tribal languages, including Zulu, Venda and Xhosa.

I consider myself to be a veteran of the internet. Having used it since 1998, I have come to the following conclusion: Internet Explorer is currently the most awful Internet browser on the market today. Which really says something as I used the beta version of Google Chrome. I recommend Safari to everyone in this class, as it has not only a built in spell check, But also a built in grammar check, something that I am sure that everyone in this class could use to great advantage.


Emily said...

heyy Joel! That is so cool your learning a new language! i tryed learning spanish in highschool but that didnt work out to well.. good luck!! -Emily J

Jamal said...

joel your too cool for this class lol
but yeaah i agree with you safari is way better than internet explorer, good luck with afrikaans

Ravina said...

Hey Joel,
Nice to meet you. Its good to know that you are learning a new language. Good Luck to you!

Joel Caserta said...


Most people don't realise this, but Spanish is actually a pretty difficult language to learn when your native language is English because they have different root languages, (German for English, Latin for Spanish.)

Learning a language with the same root is generally easier because they'll often share words and grammar structure.

Everybody just wants to learn Spanish for some reason xD