Thursday, October 21, 2010

Journal 4-Born Bad

I thought the story called Born Bad from Sandra Cisneros’s book The House on Mango Street was a positive story on Esparanza’s life. I think this because it is about how her Aunt told her to keep on writing. Her aunt said “You just keep on writing, Esperanza. You must keep writing. It will keep you free” (Cisneros 61). What I think she meant is that if she kept on writing it could help her to have a brighter future so she could someday move out of this poor neighborhood.
Some factors that I see in both of the books that are positive are the people that are around these children. In the book Ordinary Resurrections was all of the people from the church, and in The House on Mango Street Esperanza’s family.


Laura Toribio said...


I agree with you i really liked this sory too. I also agree with you on the meaning of that quote. Her writing could definetly get her somewhere away from her neighborhood. Since, this is based on the author i guess she took that advice and now has a very famous book.

Jamal said...

I agree