Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My name :)

Malak Miari
English 109
Snapshot One: My Name
30 September 2010
My Name
My name, Malak, makes me feel unique and special. The word Malak can mean two different things with a slight change in pronunciation. My name means Angel, but if the name is given to a boy it means King. In the United States, I have met only one other Malak she was my soccer coach. She was an awesome person and I loved her a lot, which also helps me like my name better too. When I visited Lebanon, I met two. One is my cousin who was named after me, and the other is my neighbor’s cousin. I was named after her. I was the first child my mother had and she says I was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen almost like an Angel so, she named me Malak.
Sometimes unique names get in the way, like every year on the first day of my name turns into many different things like, Maleek, Malick, Maylack and I don’t blame the teachers, like I said, unique. Well last year my friend Andrew in attempt to help my government teacher told him my name was Malak like Attack. It helped because the teacher started saying my name right, but then everyone started calling me Malak Attack. I mean it was okay for them to learn how to say it, but really I am not attacking anything or anyone, and it became a nuisance.
Every now and then, I wonder what it would feel like to have a normal name, a name where there are other people that have the same name. When the roll call gets so confusing, that for the teacher to get all her ducks in a line she has to attach the first letter of our last name. Like, Ashley, or Katie, or Hana. Yeah. Something like Hana will do.


Jamal said...

I think your name is awesome.

Jamal said...

hi malak i like your story

Ravina said...

hey malak! you have a nice name and your story is really good.