Thursday, October 21, 2010


Malak Miari
English 109
Journal 4
21 October 2010
Learning Factors
I like many stories in The House on mango Street, the one I like the most in our most recent reading is the titled Sire. In this story, Esperanza tells about a boy in her neighborhood that, with his posse, intimidate the other girls. Although Esperanza doesn't explain it well enough, I think that she may have a crush on Sire. She says she must look at him to show him that she is not scared. In this story there are some positive influence and some negative. The positive one is that she is confident enough to try to prove to herself and Sire that she cannot be scared by people just looking at her weird. Another is how her Mother and Father tell her to stay away from him.
A negative influence is the one from herself really; the one that really likes Sire even if he has a girlfriend, and even if her parents said not to talk to him and to stay far away. This also shows us that although she is burdened with many things like getting a job at a young age, the death of her grandmother, her neighborhood being not too great she is just like everyone else, and wants to be loved.


Emily said...

I agree.. she is just like everyone else and she should always stay postive!

Ravina said...

nice story Malak. I enjoyed reading it.